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Newborn Session
Book your newborn photo shoot while you are still expecting.  A time will be set aside for your baby based upon your due date.  Make me one of the people you call from the hospital with your incredible news.  We can then arrange a more precise time for your photo session.  Photo sessions usually are scheduled for between 9 and 10 am on weekdays.  If babe has been awake for a few hours, they will often fall asleep on the drive over. Consider booking early in your pregnancy. The number of booked sessions per month is limited so I can dedicate sufficient time to preparing your online gallery.

It may sound soon, but the ideal time for capturing those sweet, sleepy poses is when babe is between 4 and 7 days old.  After 10 days old, your baby is starting to wake up and no longer wanting to curl up like they did in the womb.  My desire is to help you create that heirloom treasure so you will never forget the beauty of this brief, magical moment in time.

Your Session

Newborn sessions can last up to 2.5 to 3 hours in length.  In this way, we can ensure you have plenty of time to feed and comfort your little one.  The session will take place in my home studio. The studio is kept quite warm so babe will be comfortable. I recommend dressing lightly and bringing a change of clothes. We all know what happens when sweet pea has no clothes on.